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What do you want to create? How do you want to feel?

Holistic Health & Life Design is the art of intentionally creating radiant health and a life you love.

You’re the designer. You're smart, creative and capable and you’re worthy of all you desire.

I'm here to inspire, guide, and support you on your journey.

Are you feeling frustrated, stuck and overwhelmed in any area of your life- work, relationships, health, personal fulfillment?

Are you aching for something more? Something better?

Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling positive, full of energy and ready for the day?

Are you ready to trade stress and anxiety for more confidence, clarity and ease?

I’ll help you discover your own power to shape your life experience, find your joy and create space for what's important to you.

I’ll help you prioritize and manage the have-to’s so you have time and energy for all the want-to’s!

Imagine how amazing it would feel to have deeper relationships, more self-confidence, better work-life balance, a successful and satisfying career, vibrant health and a positive, creative outlook on your life?

It’s totally possible, and I’m here to show you how!

If you’re ready to feel supported, nourished and inspired…




The world needs your sparkle!

Working with Vanessa is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I am grateful for her guidance- she is a smart, compassionate, intuitive teacher of life skills!
— Edwina, Seattle, WA
Vanessa helped me make a habit of choosing clean, healthy food; identify the schedule and habits that make me feel my best; and to welcome real joy and positivity into my life.
— Michelle, Detroit, MI
Working with Vanessa completely shifted my mindset and perspective around my job. The pressure and demands are still there, but the way I look at them and work around those pressures has dramatically changed. Now I feel lighter and more free, and I honestly believe anything is possible for me.
— Edie, Boise, ID
Vanessa is amazing - a font of knowledge conveyed with her amazing blend of competence and humor. Her explanations had depth of research and satisfied my scientist’s skepticism. A truly worthwhile and rewarding experience!
— Kelton, Minneapolis, MN
I’ve been working with Vanessa on and off for the last 3 years. She’s helped me accept and delight in who I am and what I have to offer others and the world. 
— Edwina, Seattle, WA
After working with Vanessa, I gained so much more knowledge about nutrition, my health, and eating in a way that feels good and right for my body. Her unique, personalized approach helped me find easy solutions to feel my best.
— Heather, Paris, France
I learned so much about myself! Vanessa holds a space in her heart for every single client and meets you where you are on your journey. She has so much knowledge and experience- I can’t recommend working with her enough.
— Shelly, Coeur d'Alene, ID


I'm a Holistic Health and Life Coach, guiding people to make lasting, supportive changes to their diet and lifestyle, while developing deep self-awareness, confidence and a positive, creative mindset.

I grew up in Seattle, earned a BFA in Apparel Design from RISD, and worked for twelve years as a Fashion Designer in New York City. I still love design, but the demands of 70 hour work weeks and constant world travel pushed me to look for a healthier life. My quest to recover from burnout and create a fulfilling life where health, career, and relationships could all thrive in balance led me to explore natural healing, nutrition, personal development and counseling with the same passion that I have for design.

I combine practical strategy and the latest science-based health and nutrition information with creative problem-solving and an intuitive, heart-centered approach. My specialty is helping clients prioritize self-care and shift their mindset to reduce stress, increase energy and gain the confidence and clarity they need to live a life they love. I believe that our thoughts are our most powerful tool, that self-love and self-awareness are essential, and that we always have choices. I offer community workshops, as well as group programs and individual coaching.