(cuz the world needs your sparkle!)

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Pssst. Hey you. Yes YOU!

I see you…

Not the Instagram you, but the real you.

When you’re at your best you light up the room, uplift others, have brilliant ideas, and get shit done.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are; put a lot of passion and focus into career and relationships. While your life looks great from the outside, you’re not as happy as you want to be.

You’re ready to actually feel successful, in every area of your life.

To feel confident, peaceful and in control, even on the craziest day.


“Completely shifted my mindset & perspective around my job.”

“Working with Vanessa completely shifted my mindset and perspective around my job. The pressure and demands are still there, but the way I look at and work around those pressures has dramatically changed. Now I feel lighter and more free, and I honestly believe anything is possible for me.

     - Edie, Boise, ID




Former (burnt out) fashion designer turned life and relationship MacGyver.

Helping passionate, professional women like YOU trade overwhelm and self-doubt for an authentic, fulfilling life of balance, connection and joy.

Become the creative director of your life.


With all the tools and support you need to wake up every day proud of who you are, grateful for what is, and eager for what’s next. (that’s when the magic happens!)

I’ll help you finally feel like the confident, successful, human sparkler that others think you are.

To master your mindset and raise your vibe so the DO-ing is easier, more effective, more fun.

You don’t need to sacrifice your health and happiness to make an impact or earn success and love. There’s a better way!

I’ll help you manage your time and energy as well as your thoughts and emotions.

Improve confidence, clarity and communication; create work/life balance and connected relationships…

Release stress and truly take charge of your life experience.

So you can BE more. LOVE more. LIVE more fully.

(and feel good doing it!)



“Identified the schedule & habits to feel and BE my best”

Vanessa helped me identify the schedule and habits that make me feel my best and to welcome real joy and positivity into my life.”

-Michelle, Detroit, MI





Ready to reignite your passion for your work and feel truly valued sans burnout?

To be present and deeply connected in your relationships?

Imagine if all the things that inspire and energize you didn’t feel like guilty pleasures?

(and you truly felt like enough)

Happy. Healthy. Expressed. Loving the pants off your life.

That’s who you want to be. But how do you make it happen?

(Hint: it starts with making it on your own priority list!)

You’re worth it. And I’ll show you how.



“Work with Vanessa- I can’t recommend her enough!”

“I learned so much about myself! Vanessa holds a space in her heart for every single client and meets you where you are on your journey. She has so much knowledge and experience- I can’t recommend working with her enough.”

-Shelly, Coeur D’Alene, ID


“One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!”

“Working with Vanessa is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. She’s helped me accept and delight in who I am and what I have to offer others and the world. I’m grateful for her guidance- she’s a smart, compassionate, intuitive teacher of life skills!”

-Edwina, Seattle, WA


Curious what’s possible for YOU?



A truly worthwhile & rewarding experience!”

“Vanessa is amazing - a font of knowledge conveyed with her amazing blend of competence and humor. A truly worthwhile and rewarding experience!”

-Kelton, Minneapolis, MN