Certified Life Coach helping passionate, professional women release overwhelm and self-doubt so they feel confident, peaceful and in control, even on the craziest day. 

Through practical personal development and intuitive support I help smart, creative women finally feel like enough while balancing a fulfilling career, connected relationships and taking great care of themselves. (plus whatever else lights them up!) 

My unique approach blends psychology and transformational coaching method (tcm) techniques with a creative design perspective and deep knowledge of holistic wellness.

I grew up in Seattle, earned a BFA in Apparel Design from RISD, and had a successful (but exhausting) career as a senior designer & department director for international fashion brands in New York, Philly & Seattle.

I still love design, but the demands of 70 hour work weeks, intense deadlines and constant world travel pushed me to look for a healthier life. My quest to recover from burnout and create a fulfilling life where health, career, and relationships could all thrive in balance led me to explore physical and mind/body wellness, personal development and counseling with the same passion that I have for design.

I want women to know that they don’t need to sacrifice their health and happiness to make an impact or earn success and love. There’s a better way!

My unique approach combines MacGyver style practical problem solving with the deeper inner work to release worry and self-doubt. 

The result is a positive, creative outlook and the confidence, clarity and tools to create a life you love the pants off. An authentic, feel-good life that opens up new possibilities for personal fulfillment, connection and joy.

I believe that our thoughts are our most powerful tool, that self-love and self-awareness are essential, and that we always have choices.

Ready to see what’s possible for YOU?

My not-so-secret agenda:

I want to live in a world full of kick-ass, compassionate, talented women- sharing their gifts, speaking truth, raising great kids, loving their partners, uplifting others, and changing the world. 

(I’m talkin’ to you, lady!)

And I want you to do it with confidence, clarity and joy from a place of fullness and inspiration. To treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve. To know you’re worthy and “enough” no matter what.  

My contribution to creating the world I want to live in is to help brilliant, big-hearted women be the best version of themselves.

I’m using my gifts to help you discover, own and share yours. 

The World Needs Your Sparkle!



Holistic MBA: Transformational Coaching Method Graduate Intensive

Life Coach Certification Program

ANHC: Advanced Nutrition for Health Coaches

Health Coach Certification Program


Apprenticeship: PNW Plant Biology, Wildcrafting & Herbal Medicine

RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN | Providence, RI              

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Apparel Design

Pre-Coaching Professional Bio:

Fifteen years of experience in Apparel Design, Trend Forecasting, Seasonal Collection Development, Brand Identity, Customer Profiling & Analysis, Product Development, International Sourcing & Manufacturing, New Business Development, Market Research, and Product Analysis/Feedback/Critique.